Trench Digging Service For Above Ground Swimming Pool's Electrical

Your town will require that an electrician pulls a permit to do the wiring for your pool. This normally is done after the pool is installed so the pool installer is not tripping over the electrical trench or ruining the wiring with the Bobcat or other excavation machinery.

Most electricians want the trench to be there for them. I suggest you hire Pool & Liner HQ to dig your trench as an add on to your installation.We cannot use our Bobcat because the electrical trench is not that wide. Most towns expect it to be 18" deep.The electrical work is done by a licensed electrician which the customer arranges to come after there pool is installed. Your town or city inspector will be very concerned that the electrical permit was pulled by a licensed electrician and your pool is grounded correctly for the safety and security of you family. Your electrician would probably be a very expensive choice to dig a trench.


Please let us know that you are interested in Pool & Liner HQ installation team digging your electrical trench. How much does it cost for an electrical trench to be dug? It depends on the size of your pool. The minimum is $250 but $10 per linear ft is used in calculating the cost. To help you budget this we have a list of pool sizes and their circumfirence,

The pool bonding has done by

digging a trench around the pool

18-24 inches from the pool and

Up to 18 inches deep depending on your town.

Call for this add on service for your above ground pool installation.