Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement Service

Since people hire us to replace or install their new above ground pool liner we want to help you avoid buying the wrong liner. Ordering the wrong type of liner will end up costing you because once a liner is open you are stuck with it. There is too much of a chance that there was a hole or damage done. We are putting up some images of the beads below to help you determine the liner you have. Call us for a Quote to install a new above ground pool liner.


Overlap Over the wall above ground liner


Above Ground Standard Beaded Liners 

The standard above ground beaded liner snaps into a track on the inside of a pool. The track hangs under the top rail on the pool wall. On the outside of a beaded liner pool is the white bead track hanging down about an inch. Most bead tracks are plastic. Some pools may have a metal bead track. If this is the case it is very likely you need one of the other type beads shown on this page and not the stanard bead. The above picture should help you.

 If you have a metal bead track you may have a Johnny Weissmuller, Fantasea brand pool or Esther Williams pool.Beaded liners are great but the disadvantage can be that the plastic bead receiver wears out over time and the liner pops out. This would mean either replacing the worn out track or just switching to an over the wall liner. Either way it means an expensive liner change and water.

J Hook Liner Or Mulibead

  “V-bead” or “J-hook” or Mulibead. This can be installed on almost any above-ground pool. If you picture the V or the J upside down, you will get the idea of how this type of liner attaches to the top of the pool wall. No problem with a bead track.

j hook liner bead

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Wilkes On-ground Pool Liners

Wilkes Gibralter Pool Liner

We offer Gibraltar swimming pool liner replacement in Central Massachusetts. Gibralter pools use the Wilkes bead liner.

 Every Wilkes Style pool liner we offer is made from virgin vinyl, and various inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae.

Our replacment Wilkes Style pool liners will fit your Wilkes® Genesis, Wilkes® Temptation, Wilkes® Solarius, Wilkes® Delta or Wilkes® Avalon on-ground swimming pools, as well as Gibraltar above-ground pools. Wilkes Style replacement pool liners have a specialized bead attachment system. It is important that your replacement Gibralter or Wilkes liner have this size and make bead to fit and for the pool liner to properly attach to your Wilkes® pool. Wilkes style liners are made either with a hopper deep-end or as radius or diagonal corners.

Gibralter /Wilkes replacement pool liners come in these sizes - Rectangle sizes are 12x24, 16x24 and 16x32 and 24' round. Please confirm your Wilkes pool liner finished depth;  43 and 46 inches are typical. They fit Gibralter or Wilkes 46 and 48 inch wall panel heights.

Esther Williams Above Ground Replacement Liners

Johnny Weismuller Above Ground Pool Liners use the same bead as well.

Esther Williams and Johnny Weismuller above ground pools were made by the Delair Group. They decided to focus its business entirely on its line of fence products.Delair Group will be discontinued its swimming pool product lines in 2009. These types of above ground pools take a bead that is a bit thicker from the standard bead on most above ground swimming pool liners. The bead is slightly heavier and has a smooth round top. There are many internet sellers who say their liners are made for an Esther Williams pool, but they usually come with a standard bead. If you need a liner with an Esther Williams type of bead call us at 508-842-2214. Order Johnny Weismuller or Esther Williams pool liners with a hopper deep end if that is the type you need to replace.


  • Ovals: W & L (width and length) & Wall Height
  • Round Pools: Diameter & Wall Height

If the liner comes out of the box, nobody is going to let you return it. Measure the wall height twice and carefully. Above ground pool walls come in three heights: 48 inches, 52 inches and 54 inches. 52″ is what you will find the most easily purchased these days. Older pools are 48″ and people find there is not much of a choice in that height if they were to shop for that size pool again. 

To Measure-   You may have to dig down to reach the bottom of the wall on the outside of the pool. Measuring from most bottom of the wall to the top of the wall.  


 Liners come in various thicknesses and decribed as mil or gauge.  Mil is the authentic measurement you want so don't fall for thr gauge liner offered. For instance 20 Mil or 28 Mil is the thickness and the 28 Mil woul be a heavier liner. 20 Mil Vs 20 Gauge means the 20 Mil is thicker.


Their are some differences in the cost of doing the actual installation and the size of your pool will determine the base cost. On top your liner cost plan onlabor  between $350.00 and $675.00 depending on the size and there are no "issues". See below for a list of other issues that will add to your install.


  1. Decks and fencing that interfere with liner replacement
  2. Bottom work like extensive reworking of the pool bottom or rebuilding cove
  3. Installing Wall Foam or Bottom Pad to help extend the life of pool and liner
  4. Patching rust-holes, repairing return holes in the pool wall
  5. Changing from an overlap liner to one that needs a track
  6. Pool Size increases man hours

Installation estimates are free. Please call with your measurements and liner type and the office staff will calculate a rough idea of the cost over the phone. We may ask for pictures. 


The first upgrade is called a Bottom Pad or Liner-Guard.This bottom pad material helps prevent nut grass or roots from cutting through your liner. It creates an extra barrier between ant and termite saliva and your liner. Studies show ant saliva creates tiny pin holes. It also helps in the case of small sink wholes and when rodents or worms dig under the pool. These range in price from $100.00 to $350.00. This is also recommended when your pool was installed over stone-dust.

The next upgrade is called a wall foam.  Spray glue is applied and the roll out foam padding is installed before installing the pool liner. This also helps to extend the life of your pool liner, and is a barrier, separating rusty walls from you pool liner. We charge for these ahead of time so we can have your size ready for your liner replacement. This can also help when an above ground pool wall has begun to develop tiny oxidation holes and rusting (usually lower on the wall of the pool closer to the ground)

It is highly recommended to purchase foam coves because this is a more permanentcove than sand coves. If you have small children they will tend to stand on the coves and brake the sand cove down leaving a divot.