Tips For Hiring A Pool Liner Installation Service

                  By Fred Abasciano

How to Choose a Good Pool Liner Installation Service?Inground Liner replacement

Hi, I am writing from 20 years experience in the pool liner installation business. You have to be in the know to make sure whoever you hire knows what they are doing. In this report you will be warned of many things to think about and be aware of.  Remember to confirm the installer has with them a list things for a thorough job on the day of installation. Be careful if you purchase an inground liner online. You are taking on a lot of liability to measure correctly. If you are wrong you will be out of luck. Most pool liner installation services won’t install a liner you did not purchase from them for fear of the responsibility transferred to them if there is a hole in it or that you measured incorrectly wasting their time. Most pool liner installation companies will send someone out to measure the pool for a nice snug fitting liner.  If you live in Massachusetts call us at 508-842-0024  

- Once you have located the pool liner installers nearest to you, contact them to ask their rates. Compare and contrast the rates and any of the following criteria suggested in this Free Pool Liner Installation Service Guide and shortlist a few that best suit your interests. The office staff and their helpfulness and attitude is important.

-Do ask if they carry Workman’s Comp. Insurance and General Liability. Don’t stop there. Let them know you will need the Insurance Company Name and Policy Number as well as their insurance agency’s name if you hire them. If you get attitude then there are either no active policies or the office is not willing to keep you happy. The agent will be able to tell you if the policies are still active. The reasoning behind this is that if a business can’t pay their insurance then it reveals poor business practices. This slackness, I assure you comes through in their work ethic as well. You will want to look at their website, too.

They should have a testimonials page. I have had so many people tell me stories of the guy that came and started and did not finish or the guy that came alone to do a two or three man job. A great job will never be done on a pool liner installation with one person.

Many individuals start their search with the phone directory, but it is difficult to distinguish between similar ads in a repertoire of pages. Just as it is with every service, you get what you pay for. Before you set price as the most important parameter for your decision, it is suggested that you consider the following points.

How to choose the right Pool Liner Installation Service?

The customer will come across pool liner installers who charge really low fees. As low as they may seem it is still a good chunk of change and you don’t want to have to pay it twice. The lower priced quote may mean inexperience. It may signal someone just trying to make a few bucks. If you have an above ground oval pool be especially careful in the experience level. This type of pool liner installation has caused many do it yourselfers to throw the liner in the middle of the pool.

 A pool liner installer, who charges too much less, expects to do less. This is not advisable as you don’t want to create more problems for yourself.

The Fee Structure Should Be Transparent …What Will This Cost Me?

The fees charged by pool liner installation services vary greatly because those that don’t carry the proper insurances have office staff that answers the phone after the installation if there are any issues and possibly does not have an office can charge less.I f no office staff good luck getting the installer back for after installation tweaks that some time need to be done. It is also very important to deal with a pool service company that sends you an agreement of the charges and any other helpful instructions to prepare for the pool liner installation by email. There may be some extra charges noted if you have washed out sand issues or want wall foam installed on the inner wall. This is a good thing to do if your budget allows.

The Benefits Of Wall FoamPool Wall Foam

There are many above-ground pool customers that have begun discovering what in-ground pool customers have always known – how the value of wall foam increases their enjoyment and peace of mind while relaxing in their pools. 

Wall foam is usually 1/8” sheet of foam (illustrated below) placed directly on the wall with a spray adhesive. The sand cove and the liner are thus separated from the wall, which results in the following:

  • Greatly reduces corrosion (extending the life of the pool)
  • Cushions the liner (reducing wear and tear – minimizing the likelihood of the liner puncturing)
  • Insulation (the liner helps prevent heat from escaping through the metal wall of the pool during the evening)

Prices for Installation of wall foam are dependent on the size of the pool. The cost is $125 for a 12 Ft round pool and goes up to $350 for an 18 Ft by 33 Ft Oval pool. Installation of wall foam is optional though. If you have rusting that is beginning then it is a must. Both above ground and inground pool have this installed.

Pricing Issue: Above customers make sure to tell the pool liner installer or their office that you have a deep dish pool if you have an above ground pool that has a special liner that expands at the bottom and goes deeper. The installers will need to hang around if they are not all that local while enough water fills the pool to help them work out the wrinkles. There will be an extra charge for the extra hours this takes.

Pool Liner Installation Preparation Advice

Your installer may not be as organized as they should be with preparation instructions so here is a list of what you should know.

*    Preparing For Above Ground  And InGround Pool Liner Installation

 Most likely an inground liner will be purchased from your Pool Liner Installation Service and they will provide new face plates and gaskets for the skimmer and return lines. Make sure it is in writing. Do not assume anything! 

we have arrived at some jobs and the pool is still full! (even though we sent instructions to make sure the pool is empty) 

With above ground pool owners if you purchased your liner from a store or online, then you need to be aware that you must supply new gaskets for skimmer and return line. Gaskets are made of rubber and get dry from those harsh chemicals and can crack when the liner is changed. It is best to not risk using the old ones and then have to pay for a pool service person to come back because your skimmer is leaking.  

 Above ground pool owners should probably buy a new skimmer for about $40.00 if it is old. You will get new gaskets for the skimmer and return line with it. This is another thing to think about so you won’t be paying for a return trip from a pool service person. Too many times our service crew at are asked to use the old skimmer and they are dry from chemicals and crack either trying to get them off or back on. The pool liner installation service won’t be responsible but they should definitely make you aware of the suggestion before they get there.

Look for a Pool Liner Installation service that will make a free return trip to tighten up any leaks as long as you have supplied new gaskets or a new skimmer.

If you think you have sand issues under the pool you may want to look into what is called liner guard pool flooring. It can cut down on the need for sand and protect you liner from nut grass and other issues that happen under the above ground liner. Depending on the size of your pool this could cost $200 to $500 and $50 for the installers to put it in properly.

Ø Make sure your pool is empty. No more than 2 inches should be left!

Ø Keep liner warm in box. Working with cold liners makes the possibility of the liner popping out of the liner lok much greater. Cold swimming pool liners are not resilient. In the Spring and Fall keep the pool liner in the house, cellar or garage. Summer time the outside is usually plenty warm. 

Ø Provide for adequate parking on install day. 

Ø Place all swimming pool liner parts and accessories readily available for pool liner installation crew on install day. 

Ø Provide power source for installation crew and extension cord. 

Ø Provide water hose of adequate length attached with spray nozzle for installation crew. 

Ø Buy duct tape and have available. If the pool liner installers run out, you want to make sure your panel seams or joints and any rough edges on anything are properly covered. . No, they should not run out but wouldn’t you prefer it done right instead of mickey moused because you happen to be the customer they ran out of duct tape on. Don’t be penny foolish.

Ø Remember it is common that you are responsible to dispose of all packaging materials and your old liner. Normally there is charge to take it away. Check closely if you have missing screws or rust. Do you have a hole in the pool wall that should be patched? Help your pool liner installation service be prepared to come once and do a thorough job.

Ø If it is a hot day have plenty of water. Hydrated workers can focus and do a better job.

Last reminders for above ground pools:

If you notice water continually splashing out of the pool from the skimmer box or for some other reason you will end up with a divot or hole under your liner.

 If you try to go in your pool before it is full (like a wading pool) you will get foot prints. Please share with family members NOT to do this. It will be very expensive for you to hire someone to empty the water, pull back the liner and retamp and fill it again. 

Pool Water and Chemicals

Before adding chemicals bring some of the water from your pool to the pool supply store to evaluate your mineral content. Are you using tap water from your hose? You don’t have to wait until the day of the pool liner installation. If you have high mineral content you could inadvertently cause your water to turn green. Ask your local pool supply store what chemicals you need.