Shrewsbury MA Inground Liner Replacement& Beyond                                     

Thinking of changing your inground liner? Have you patched it too many times or is it just old and faded? Are you looking

 for cheap pool liners? We have those here. Discount pool liners are a request we get ever year and we always 

have 3 or 4 patterns we were able to get a great deal on for those who have a budget for one reason or another, Some people are selling the house and just want any liner that looks good.

Wondering what the cost to replace pool liner is. Give us a call or contact us via our contact page, we can give you a quick phone quote.
Custom pool liners are not a problem. we will come out and measure unless you have the informatiom fom when your pool was built or the measurements from when your pool liner was relaced.

For your in ground pool liner choices check out either our latest available liner patterns or our in ground liner sale designs. All our pool liner cost quotes include installation of the liner.The pool liner installation only takes a day in most instances.The pool liner installation cost vaies depending on the size of your pool, if you have vinyl covered stairs, if you need your wall foam replaced and the liner you choose.
We reccomend the pool liner repair is something you do yourself due to the fact that patching does not seem to hold for very long and you end up paying too much to have professionals come out and patch.

A question on many people's mind when shopping for a liner is the pool liner thickness. We do want you to be educated about the difference between Mil and Gauge. Always buy Mil and not Gauge. Mil is the heavier. If you can afford to go from 20 to 27 or 27 or 28 mil then we suggest to at least cover the walls with the higher Mil of 27 or 28. 

We pride ourselves on the very specialized swimming pool service of inground vinyl liner replacement.