Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

Our installation prices leave room to add extras for those that want extra special services to make life easier or extra products for a longer lasting pool. We also want those on a budget to be able to afford an install so we offer the Bronze basic plan.

The basic install comes with 6 inches of yard leveling. Some people will have yards that require  more digging to level the area. Please see your agreement for added Extra Dig charges and speak to the office staff concerning your dig. Once the leveling is done we begin the assembly and construction of your above ground pool. We have been installing pools for homeowners in Worcester County for over 20 years and are on the preferred list for Namco Pool. Please Note: Our Bobcat must be able to get into your yard if  we are installing a first time pool or a larger pool  than you had  before.


   Call For Quote For New Rolled Wall Pool Installation 

   ( Used Pools Add $100 Due To Extra Time -Slat Wall Pool Add $200 )

We will match a licensed and insured competitor's price with a verifiable written proposal not to exceed $400 difference in pricing. 

       Choose From Our Diverse Plans Below For Every Budget                     

Bronze Basic Pool Installation 

Not Included In Our Bronze Basic Prices  Electrician / Electrical Services usually  come after us (digging the trenchis not  included  but we  offer the trench dug as an  add on) ♦ Applying for Permit  ♦Trucking  Away Sod  Removed  For Leveling  - Moving  in  your  yard up to 50 Ft is included  ♦  For Oval  pools you must purchase from a  Lowes  or  Home Depot Type store 4 bags of  QuikCrete-  Yellow Labeled 80 lb bag ♦  Bobcatting sand  into  your yard if our dump  truck cannot fit  or  you  choose not to  have our  dump truck  in  your yard is $75 extra charge 






Silver Install

Call For Pricing On  The Below Upgraded Silver Plan For Your Particular Pool Size

Gold Install

Call For Pricing On The Below Elite  Gold Plan For Those People Too Busy For The Many Details Of Getting their New Pool Up & Running

We Dispose Of Your Packaging Boxes for Pool, Liner and Filter at our Expense Includes Everything From The Silver Plan Plus The Below,

We Bring 3 80 Lb Bags Of The Quik Crete For Oval Pool To Stabalize Straps That Go Under Liner In Butressless Oval Pools

We include the Extra Products that Protect your pool and install them. This includes Bottom Pad, Wall Foam and Foam Coves 

For Proper Drainage It Is Recommended To Put Down Plastic Landscaping Sheeting, Pebbles, and Railroad Ties For A Finished Look. This Is Included In The Gold Plan

We Will Truck Away The Sod That Was dug Up To Level Your pool site

Extra Protection To Consider- Bottom Pad- Foam Coves -Wall Foam

Most people order these 3 products for a longer lasting pool and to help prevent problems that may occur over the years. You can read more about these and the benefits. Ask for these to be added. They need to be pre-ordered to to size of pool.

 Bottom Pad     Wall Foam    FoamCoves 

We take $100 deposit to keep a spot for you on the schedule to install your pool.  We try to keep you informed of how long the above ground pool installation takes. We send an email with your agreement attached for you to sign. 
When you hired us you were told to obtain a permit
for the construction of your new pool from the local building inspector.
Here is what happens next.We will dig with a BobCat so we can level the area. SOMEONE MUST BE HOME FOR THIS. The reason is there are papers to sign off on and important advice to go over.

The sod from leveling the pool area is moved up to 50 ft in your yard in a straight line unless you hire us to take it away. 

Next the pool base/sand will arrive. It will usually be left at the end of your driveway on a tarp. Closer to the house than the street. Many times it ios the same day..
Your pool kit and liner may come next, or arrive the day of the installation unless purchased from another Vendor.

Your pool will be built, and usually your liner will be installed the same day. If there are poor weather conditions we may come back to install the liner.
Lastly, your skimmer is installed with the filter equipment and pump. This happens the day the liner is installed but possibly not, you were advised to wait a day if you are ordering water so the liner sets properly. We use water from your tap with your hose to fill the pool just over the seams. Let that set overnight.
If you have a fence or deck we will install that after the pool is completely built.

The whole process should only take 2 days unless the weather interupts ups or there are other mitigating circumstances. If we are delayed by rain, your installation may not continue until the next available work day, but it will be done as soon as possible.

We try to communicate with you through the whole process and it is important to give us numbers we can easily reach you at or text you.

We have a team that works seamlessly together.
We really hope you choose our company- To help you plan for, buy, and install your new above ground pool.
We will do everything we can to make your experience a great one. If you have questions please call or email.