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Pool Wall Foam

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Swimming Pool Wall Foam

For Pool Enjoyment and Longevity
Pool Wall Foam


Wall foam from the expert liner and pool installers.
Many above-ground pool customers have begun discovering what in-ground pool customers have always known – how the value of wall foam increases their enjoyment and peace of mind while relaxing in their pools. 
Wall foam is a 1/8” sheet of foam (illustrated below) placed directly on the wall with a spray adhesive. The sand cove and the liner are thus separated from the wall, which results in the following:
·        greatly reduces corrosion (extending the life of the pool)
·        cushions the liner (reducing wear and tear – minimizing the likelihood of the liner puncturing)
·        insulation (the liner helps prevent heat from escaping through the metal wall of the pool during the evening)
Prices for wall foam are dependent on the size of the pool. Installation of wall foam is optional – if you are interested, please contact our office several days in advance of your new pool or liner installation date.


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